David Meltzer  


I credit David with much  of how I see things these days. I could say this about everyone I know but  my conversations with David always seem to shine light into my blind spots and connect the dots in my fragmented view,  not to mention make me laugh. He has gifted me with a reading list that will require  immortality to achieve. No Eyes is his most recent book of poetry.  In Writing Jazz  David writes that Reading Jazz is a "negative  critique of white culture's shimmy with black jazz." Both books are representative  of how it is to study with David. They are packed with things that have been  said and arranged in a way that notices a sub-text and a con-text. They are as much, maybe  more, about race as they are about music. I'm going to keep adding links to places on line where his poetry and other writings can be read. You can buy his books on Amazon. Better yet, buy them from a small local book store.


  New Book! David chatting with the Beat folks. Very cool!

Excerpts From the Beat Thing   

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David in SFBG on Charlie Parke

Grief Leaves

David in SFBG on Hank Williams

A  Rent Tract for Lew Welsh

David in SFBG on Lester Young

The Veil

David in SFBG on New Age Music

The Name

David talking to Philip Whalen